Our mission: To encourage and inspire all who hear our music to seek a closer relationship with God.


Welcome to the webpage of Taking Jericho, a contemporary Christian band based in Calgary Alberta.

Taking Jericho began performing contemporary worship songs in Sunday service at the Rocky Mountain Church of Christ in 2012. We soon realized that we had our own message that we wanted to share through our music and began writing and recording original compositions.

Farewell to Summer

Hey everyone.

Well, it's back to school time, unless you're in BC at the moment. We've wrapped up the summer and now we're getting back into the routine of work and school. Here in Calgary we ended summer with an exclamation mark following a 3-day summer snowstorm. Yikes!

Taking Jericho's Debut CD Is Available At CD Baby

Taking Jericho's Debut CD, "The Gate And The Road" is available at CD Baby. Be sure to check out the first offering from the band, and don't forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Hinton Adventure - From Cowtown to Sonfest

Taking Jericho At SonFestSonFest: Taking Jericho At SonFest

Wow it's been a few weeks since our mini tour to Hinton. Thank you so much Sonfest for including Taking Jericho! Man it was fantastic! It has been so great so great to be able to travel to the north and admire so much of what God has to offer us with something as simple as camping! the great outdoors got to absorb our songs and we got to worship with the wind and the trees. Reminds me of the time I used to be in my high school band and we would go one band tour to different cities and participate in music festivals and workshops. The group pretty much had such an experience getting to play with another band last minute! Who else can say that they have had that opportunity?!?!